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From energizing meetups, to programming beyond the sessions and workshops, we can guarantee you'll have FUN in New York City.

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GraphQL Summit attendee party 🎉

Apollo Federation's 5th birthday bash

Wednesday, October 9 6:00 - 9:00 PM

Celebrate the 5th year of Apollo Federation at the GraphQL Summit attendee celebration. If you've attended Summit in the past, you know this is the can't-miss event of the conference!

*You must be a registered GraphQL Summit pass holder to attend.

apollo lounge

The Apollo GraphQL Lounge

Got questions about GraphQL? The Apollo Lounge is the right place for you! Whether you're dealing with platform engineering efforts for self-service subgraphs, exploring the use of AI with GraphQL, or navigating the complexities of query planners and caching, our experts are ready to help. Chat with Apollo engineers who work on our products daily, including Apollo GraphOS and popular repositories like router, @apollo/client, and apollo-rs.apollo-rs.

The lounge will also offer dedicated times for attendees to discuss and share their AI in GraphQL projects. These will be facilitated by the Apollo Labs AI team researching how to make LLMs schema-aware. If you have an interesting project you want to try to showcase, let us know at!


Roundtable discussions

Connect with speakers, Apollo engineers, and other GraphQL Summit attendees to discuss the topics that are most important to you.

We're creating space for meaningful discussions to help you get answers to tough technical questions and guidance for success at scale.

Email if you have an idea for a roundtable topic.